About us

In the fall of 2017, TrapDoor Creative was created after the closing of Villusion Studios.  Following Villusion’s path, TrapDoor Creative is a full-service digital creative studio.  We create amazing visual experiences for our clients that engage, excite, and educate their customers.  We thrive on the edge, looking for ways that the latest technology can create better user experiences.  We embrace technology as a medium to enhance the human experience, allowing us to interact like never before, but also accentuating reality.

With backgrounds in gaming, film, and retail, travel marketing, and app development, if you have an idea, we can make it a reality.

Our services

VR/AR/MR Production

From showcasing your impeccable resort in VR, to presenting your latest design in an AR app or creating a fully immersive 3D VR experience, we can dream it up with you and make it a reality.

360 Video Production

Full 360+3D video production and creation for use in mobile apps, online, or custom experiences.  Using the latest in 360 video cameras, we can capture your world and help you share it with everyone.

Mobile/Interactive Development

Want to reach a huge audience with an interactive app on mobile or desktop?  We can make it happen.  From simple informational apps to interactive augmented reality showcases, we will help you reach your audience and engage them with your brand.

What else do we provide?

3D Creation

Modeling, shading, rigging, animation, printing, and prototyping, we can take any design and create a 3D version of it for film, games, 3D printing, or visualization.


Looking to bring your designs to life?  We can help you.  From hand-crafted animation to motion capture adjustments and motion graphics, if it needs to move, we can do it.


Looking to take your idea and make it visual?  We can help you with that too.  From character design to concept artwork, let us help your vision come to life.

VR / 360 Video Production

VR / Interactive Visualization

Product Visualization

Mobile App Development

Concept / Illustration

Let’s Create Something Awesome!

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